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Stollen 2013

Stollen 2013


Notre boutique en ligne ouvrira ses portes pour cette délicieuse saison de Noël à pa...


Recette d'une maison en pain d'épices



Construire une maison traditionnel en pain d'épices allemande (Lebkuchenhaus)


La constructi...


Prparatifs de Nol

Halloween n'est pas encore la mais les jours raccourcissent dj donc il est temps de penser au pr...





“A Stollen is always a part of our holiday family tradition. Welcome to my family! Thank you and merry Christmas to all the team of La Mie Martinale.”

- Judy, New York






Pierre et moi avons dégusté le fameux gâteau aux fruits et chocolat en prenant soin bien sûr de ne pas trop en offrir!!! On le garde pour nous!!!!

Bonne journée!"

- Louisette, Montreal


“The true original Stollen “

- Martha, New York




"Yours is way better than all i ordered from germany. Respect for your work."


- Grace, New York

 "A masterpiece!!!!! Danke."
- Joseph, North Carolina



"We finished the two Stollen and its not even Christmas. Santa we need more! ;-))"
- Kim, IOWA




“Your Stollen is the BEST we tried. It tastes nothing like those you can buy here. We order again.''

-Peter, Texas




“My husband found the Stollen already. Next time, i hide it. Another order placed.”

-Tracy, Louisville




“Our first year ordering fruit cakes [...] Everyone loved it!”

-Janet, Cleveland




“This fruit cake is so good no others can compare. It's moist and yummy. The Pecan fruit was our favorite this year, we might try the Stollen before Christmas.”

-Julia, Calgary



Merci beaucoup pour le délicieux gâteau que nous avons reçu! On en redemande! bravo a toute l'equipe !


- Geoffrey, Vesoul




“I am glad I ordered. Never thought I would order a cake. Thank you.”

-Renate Ontario



“I buy a Stollen extra and put it in the freezer for my birthday. Why do you ship only Christmas time?”

-Frank, BC




“We have just cut the Stollen – I said I made it myself” ;-)

-Steve, TX




“I received a Stollen gift from my friend. Never heard of a Stollen before [...] I will save it for Christmas. A nice Tradition"

-Peggy, Las Vegas




“I will sing 'Stille Nacht'”



“Ordered this Stollen several times as gifts. My parents asked me already, if i ordered yet.”





“Wonderful tasting Stollen. My friends from germany will love it. We sure send you some more customers. Keep up your hard work.”

-Margot, Ontario




“My boss is German. I ordered one Stollen for him. I want a raise!”


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