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Build a Gingerbread House

Build a traditional German Gingerbread House (Lebkuchenhaus)


Preparation for Christmas

Halloween has not yet arrived, but the days already start to shorten. This means for us we have to t...



by Didier Eme




The bread source of life and pledge of alliance, the bread is part of every important moment of the life.

From baptism to funeral, the great festivals of the year are marked by special breads decorated or not, but always in the centre of the table. The bread makes a party out of our daily routine and it is the base, the foundation of a meal.


Memories are brought back from our childhood, like the beautiful large slice of bread, spreading with butter carefully trying to fill the holes, but finally the jam flowing again between your fingers.

In the morning a unique odour welcomes you entering the baker house. The eyes asleep again and to see your father each morning proud in front of the work accomplished. Contemplating, holding one flute of bread in his large hands. Not fearing the heat he caress, like a friend, joins the bread with the others in the basket.



The song the bread plays for you, when leaving the oven equals the rain falling on the roof, the wind playing in the branches or the sound of waves dying on the sand.




I believe that it is by the small moments like these, I learned to love and respect what is makes and is called the bread. I am very proud of this and I would like everyone to imagine the magic of such moments. I believe that many people still working hard to afford a bread and nor to forget the million humans still missing.

We who neglect it by satiety and whom throws away - desired with passion by those who miss.



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